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  1. Merry Christmas, Little Buddy! We missed you today and wish you were here. It’s not the same without you, but we will be together again! You’ll have a lot of tee times to make in the future! Love you!!

  2. My best memory that I ever had with Joe is my first hole-in-one. It was during the summer, at Country Land Golf Course and Mrs. Deb, Joe, and I were playing a round of 9 holes, walking, and we were just getting finished. As we were walking to the car, Joe asked if we could go play the round-about, that is holes 10-14 for anyone who doesn’t know, and she said that we could, we were both so happy that we got to play more, as you could imagine. We got to the tenth hole and got ready to hit, Joe hit first and of course it was a good shot, then came the time when I hit, it was a 7 iron from the whites, so it was about 110 yards and yes I was weak at the time. I got up to the ball and hit it, it flew through the air on a perfect looking line, it landed on the green bounced once and rolled about 3-feet into the hole, we were ecstatic, we ran all around the tee box screaming throwing our clubs, hats and everything in the air. After we were done running around and screaming Joe came up to me and gave me a hug and said, “that was amazing, great shot Griffin”. I will never forget those words and that moment that we had together. It was the best moment of my life!

  3. My “sweet baby Joe” as I’d call him only at home, left me the note above on my car dashboard one morning last year before he headed to school. Many may not know this but I was one of his special golf students. He was very patient with my na├»vity with golf and poor golf skills however, he was not patient with me about practice time. He actually told me twice he was not going to continue to give me lessons anymore if I was not going to improve/increase my practice time. His rewards included taking me on the “course” a few times to celebrate a good stretch of my practicing. He loved the game of golf and always wanted to share this love for playing and improving skills. He enjoyed joking with me about which golf club to use and when (because I was easily confused & never could remember!)- hence his joke in the note about using the one with “p” on it to chip. I treasured our time together whether on the course (Chestatee or his homemade course at the house), driving range, putting green, or our putting practice in cold weather in my bedroom and in the basement. I miss you so much sweet baby Joe.

  4. Joe the best memory I ever had with u was when u came to my house for the first time and hit golf balls into the field next to our pool even though we probably shouldn’t have done that and the next day u came and watched me play at my golf tournament even though I think it was my worst round of golf ever Joe u have impacted so many lives it. You have made me pursue God and become a better person than I was. I cry a lot man but I cry happy tears knowing you’re in a better place I love u so much wish we could be playing golf again because my game is not going so well lately

  5. While we were members of Crystal Falls Golf Club, John Keane and I would frequently see John and Betsy patiently waiting in the golf pro shop for Joe while he was taking a lesson. We’d stop and chat with them for a few minutes, then go out to the driving range. Both John and I would just stand there in envy and watch Joe’s perfect swing. Man, if we could only swing like that! If they would have had lights on that range, Joe would have been practicing all night. Joe exemplified dedication, maturity and sportsmanship. He was an outstanding role model.

  6. Who is Joe you ask? He is a athletic, bold, caring, energetic, faith minded, goal setting, friendly, giving, happy, humble, kind, loving, responsible, tenacious young man who I speak of in the present tense because he is still my friend! He is more alive now than he ever was here on earth. His life is impacting thousands of people now, and his legacy will impact thousands in the future. Love you Joe! Tell Jesus hi for me!

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