The Joe Dumphy Memorial Golf Scholarship Fund, Inc.

The Joe Dumphy Memorial Golf Scholarship Fund, an official 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, was created to help offset the costs of college education for a deserving college bound student. Joe had dreamed of playing golf in college (at TCU), however those dreams tragically ended with a car accident when leaving the golf course with his grandparents and subsequent 29-day stay in the neuro-trauma ICU before his passing on July 26, 2015. In Joe’s short life, he exemplified the “right way” to live one’s life whether it was through his Christian spirituality; the dedication he showed in sports and school; the respect he showed for his elders, fellow competitors, and the game itself; his leadership by example in the way he carried himself in day to day life and interactions with others; or just the enjoyment he brought to others regardless of the circumstances. The scholarship is another way that Joe will forever be remembered and to give back to someone from the community.

In order to be considered for the Joe Dumphy Memorial Golf Scholarship, a candidate will need to complete the application and submit with required materials (see application for full details). Each candidate’s application will be reviewed by members of the scholarship board, and candidates will be vetted for consideration. The criteria on which the board will base its decision will be focused much more on the personal qualities a candidate has exhibited, i.e. dedication, respect, citizenship, and personal interaction, than on one’s “scores” and how good of a player they happen to be. While Joe happened to be a very good golfer, it was how he lived his day to day life that made the greatest contribution to the community, and it is in that memory that the scholarship was born.

Please consider  donating to the Joe Dumphy Memorial Golf Scholarship online (via the PayPal link on this page) or by mail addressed to:  Joe Dumphy Memorial Golf Scholarship, Inc. 78 Dawson Village Way N, Suite 140-23 Dawsonville, GA 30534